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I don’t think this is an original thought. Minds greater than mine must have touched about this and written about this before now. But I’d like to write it down anyway and see what I think about it in a few years.

I am not a spiritual person. I am at the very least agnostic, but I do like to think of myself as an atheist.

But when I think about it, spirits do exist. I mean not the ghost “boo” bump-in-the-night variety but as a form of energy that somehow stays around us. I mean, what are thoughts? The very essence of being, aren’t they just energy stored in specialized cells, right?

And if energy doesn’t disappear, or get destroyed, what happens when you die? Where does that energy go?

Into the soil, you reply. Yes, absolutely. Also the air around us, the water, the trees and plants that absorb that energy from the soil.

So in essence we are surrounded by “ghosts”. Energy that is left behind by people who no longer breathe and whose thought patterns are no longer contained by a human body’s particular cells. And when you think that way, then yes, some people would probably vibe with those energies.

Lots to unpack there but I’m tired and I just wanted to write this down now.

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