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I’ve been watching a lot of anime recently. I’ve binged and followed a lot of them over the years but recently, I’ve been binging on them a little more. Like seasons at a time. Which is a little worrying since I’m human and the time I’m “wasting” watching them I could have spent doing a project, or two.

A couple of genres that I’ve come to look for deal with people being summoned or reincarnated into another world with their memories of the world they came from intact, and/or with an item that came from their previous world/reality, and another deals with characters handling their long life/immortality. Some do belong to the same anime, so I like those even more.

I’ve been thinking about it and it probably resonates with me since it covers two ideas that I love.

  1. The idea of going to another reality/world and experiencing new things
  2. Living a long life and learning everything there is to know.

I’ll add in the animes I’ve recently watched later. Just wanted to write this down before I forget.

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